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How many people can fit on a Sleigh or Carriage?

We have many different sizes of Sleighs, Carriages and Wagons.   Our small cozy Sleighs hold 2-4 adults comfortably, some can hold 6, 10, or 12, while our largest sleigh holds up to 20 persons.   The most popular Carriage is our Victorian Vis-a-Vie (French for face to face) holds 2-4 average size adults comfortably, however we have others that hold up to 9 persons.  Our Hay Wagon hold 20 - 25 people.

Can anyone ride a Carriage or Sleigh?  Is there an age limit?

Our horse drawn Carriage, Sleigh and Hay Wagon rides are considered a family activity.  All ages are welcomed to take a ride and enjoy the horses, our tour guides and especially the atmosphere.  Even family pets are welcomed as long as they are on leases and do not interrupt the ride for others!  Weather and road conditions may effect  your ride and we recommend calling 24 hours in advance for locations, weather and road conditions.

What should I wear on a Carriage, Sleigh or Wagon ride?

I always recommend dressing comfortably for the weather conditions.  Remember, the weather can change very rapidly here in the Sierra Mountains.  I always say, " You can't put it on, if you don't have it."  Warmer Jackets and Coats can be left in the car if the weather proves to be warmer than expected.  Casual clothes in layers are always the best choice. But don't be surprised if you might see another couple in a carriage wearing formals  for a Wedding or Special Event.  Some of our drivers look mighty fine in their Western Wear ( a favorite) and a warm blanket is always (even in the summer) tucked away for anyone who might need one. 


The Horses are feed 2x a day, Breakfast and Dinner. Each horse on average eats close to 25lbs of food (grass hay) on each of these meals. Apart from the grass-hay the horses also are grained either once to twice a day as needed. Each horse is different. Though out the day the horse are regularly giving treat such as hay cubes and carrots.


Yes, we always love when people bring something special for the horses. We allow uncooked carrots. They like the big carrots better then the babies carrots, but I have never seen a horse turn down a carrot, even baby carrots. We do not allow apples or any other type of food or drink to our horses. Please, always ask the driver before giving ANYTHING to the horse, even the carrots.

do the horses have water while working and how often will they drink water while working?

Yes, our horse are always well looked after. The carriage horses have a 100 gallon water trough, that is constantly running clean water into it , along our trail. The horses will stop there on their own when they want water. The drivers are also very knowledgeable of horses and will fill a bucket of clean water if they horses need it. The sleigh horses have a bucket of water that they are given water as needed. Often a horse will not drink as much in the winter season as the summer season while working. A working Belgian will on average drink around 2-10 gallons of water a day while working. It can be very dangerous for a horse to drink more then that while working.

what are 10 fun Things to do with children in Tahoe area?

Lake Tahoe Area:

1-Kahle Community: Great little community park in the Stateline area with a nice playground area and indoor activities. Click here

2-South Lake Tahoe Recreation Center:Has a covered public pool and indoor play area. The public library is on the corner. Click Here

3-Ice Skating Rink:Next door to the Rec. Center is the Ice Skating Rink. Very popular on warm days! Click here

4-Camp Richardson/Valhalla/ Tallac Historical Site/ Pope and Baldwin Beaches / Visitor’s Center: What we commonly refer to as the Camp Richardson area is loaded with cool stuff to do. The Tallac Historical Sites are beautifully groomed with walking trails & shops, the Visitor Center has a Stream Profile Chamber great for little ones and ask if the Rangers are offering a lecture, Bike Rentals and miles of easy walking & biking trails. The beaches are good for swimming, with an Ice Cream Shop and other novelties, The Beacon Restaurant and always a festival of some sort. Great fun for the day! Click here

Carson City:

5-Nevada State Museum / Children’s Museum/Capital Complex: Three great cultural, educational and historic activities within walking distance with lots of eateries, pubs and shopping guaranteed to have something for all ages. Click here


6-Discovery Center: Wow! An amazing place! An interactive Museum & learning center -- fun time for everyone! In the River Walk area with tons of stuff close by. Click here

7-Observatory: A small place but the Sky Movies are cool! Full dome Planetarium Shows! As a science education resource, many of Fleischmann Planetarium’s entertaining shows for all ages Click here

8-Sierra Safari Zoo, Reno: Sierra Safari Zoo has become a fixture of the Truckee Meadows community for over the last twenty years. Though small, it has become the largest zoo in Nevada, with over two hundred animals of over forty different species. Sierra Safari educates, and entertains young and old alike. Click here

9-National Car Museum: I would not have thought a car museum was a fun place for kids, but this one is amazing, and many of the adults can have some fun too?!? Click here

10- Virginia City & Genoa

Both historical towns are still in operation and offering a ‘Step Back in Time’ feel and activities. Virginia City is by far the largest and defiantly has a whole day’s worth of stuff to do: Train and Carriage Rides, tours through Mines, Living Legends walking around, Food, Drink, Entertainment & shopping with more little museums than you can shake a stick at… Click here

Genoa is a quaint town and has some very good museums and 2 nice parks. The Oldest Thirst Parlor in Nevada is located in Genoa and families can set outside on the picnic benches while adults go up to the bar for refreshments. Across the street is a country store is snacks and good sandwiches. Click here



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