Sleigh Rides on Snow CLOSED for the Season!

Sand Harbor Visitor Center & South Lake Tahoe, Stateline will still offer Horse Drawn Vehicle Rides

1 hr private reservations $50 pp adults; $20 per child (2-10)

30 minute group rides $25 pp adults; $10 per child (2-10)

11am till last ride at 4pm — Friday through Monday

dwight at Sand Harbor.JPG

Sand Harbor Visitor Center ( Nevada State Park, Lake Tahoe) is 3 miles south of Incline Village, off hwy 28.

Stateline location is 4130 Lake Tahoe Blvd., South Lake Tahoe next to Harrah’s Casino Resort

Open - Sleigh Rides at Sand Harbor Visitor Center

Sleigh Rides at Sand Harbor Visitor Center


11am until 3pm

Offering Narrated horse drawn Sleigh Rides

1 hour private ride $50 pp adults; $20 per child (2-10 years)

30 minutes $25 pp adults; $10 per child (2-10)

Sand Harbor Visitor Center is located inside of the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park at Sand Harbor off of NV State Hwy 28, just 3 miles south of Incline Village. Go in through the Main Entrance to the Visitor Center where there is a kiose with a receptionist and horses will be waiting. There is a $10 parking fee to enter the park. We accept MasterCard/Visa/Cash for your ride at the kiose.

Enjoy and have FUN

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Sleigh & Carriage Rides Closed March 1-5, 2019 All Locations

It is not always apparent as to why Weather Conditions such as High winds, Snow Consistency and Road Controls prevent us from operating our Sleigh Rides.

We thought to take this opportunity to explain.

We have been operating as a Family Run business for over 50 years and if there is one thing we have come to realize… We are so very much ruled by the whims of Mother Nature.

First, we want people to enjoy their sleigh/carriage ride experience, not survive it… This is not a Donner Party Experience! Also, we have the health and welfare of our employees as well as our horses to consider. Safety for our Staff, Horses & Guest is always a Top Priority!!

Horses do not like wind…. let me stress… They DO NOT LIKE WIND! Things fly around in the wind, and move differently in the wind and make horrible noises in the wind. Our horses are very well trained, but this type of consistent exposure to stress is not good for them.

Snow Conditions for our sleigh rides must be very specific with at least 1 foot of hard cold pack snow.

This is for 2 reasons.

1- Lake Tahoe is environmentally protected. “Keep Tahoe Blue.” So, Mother Earth, the ground, especially the ground surround the lake much always be covered to prevent damage from the runners of the sleighs.

2- Each of our Belgian Draft Horses are over 2,000 pounds. We use these horses because they are strong enough to pull a sleigh with people easily through the snow. There is apx. 28,000 pounds of pressure per square inch in their hooves. This being understood, if the snow is not solid enough to hold their weight they will fall through and can be injured. If we can help it, we will not risk injury to our precious animals. Safety First!!

Which leads me to the roads. Driving in snowy conditions can be stressful and dangerous. Each of our drivers are very experienced in driving in the Sierra Mountains of Lake Tahoe. However, even with 4x4 & chains, certain weather & road conditions still prevent trucks with trailers (transporting live animals) from traveling over the mountain passes. And if you ask me… It’s a good thing! Safety First!!

We believe we have an exceptional activity. Unique, Nostalgic & so much Fun… Magical, I’ll dare say. But it is difficult at times to always be waiting of perfect conditions. 2019 has been an very stormy winter. Our hopes are that you Sleigh & Carriage Ride Enthusiasts will be patient with us as we do our best to provide this service.

Thank you.

Be Safe, Stay Warm & Enjoy what Life Brings,

Dwight & Dianna Borges

Thank you for Loving us!  Black Beauty, Dwight Borges and granddaughter, Madeline.

Thank you for Loving us!

Black Beauty, Dwight Borges and granddaughter, Madeline.

Winter Weather Alert & Closures, February 25 thru ???

February 2019 is going down the the record books as a Snowy, Cold, Wintery Month! In some area, as much as 20 feet of snow in 1month, 414 inches so far and presently we are at 171% of its average snowfall for this date! WOW! And there is COLD! South Lake Tahoe experienced coldest day EVER -13 degrees!

Winter isn’t over yet and another series of winter storms are forecasted to close our sleigh ride locations tomorrow, Monday 2/25. We hope to re-open next weekend March 1st - 4th, 2019

We will have to wait and see.


This wind is messing up my hair!

Sleigh Rides will reOpen Friday thru Monday, February 22-25

After this fast moving winter storm moves through,

The Borges Family plans to open sleigh rides

Friday - Monday; February 22-25, from 11am - 3pm for both locations.

Sand Harbor Visitor Center - offers a scenic tour and there are still reservation available online.

South Lake Tahoe, Stateline - Next to MontBleu offers a city tour and convenient to just walk up, pay & go…

30 minute Tours are $50 pp $20 for children 2-10 years old

15 minute Tours are $25 pp $10 per child

All rides are subject to snow, weather & road conditions. Please check this site for updated information.

sleigh in snow SLT.jpg

Wow! What a Beautiful Winter Wonderland!

Sleigh Rides at Sand Harbor Visitor Center, Incline Village Nevada

Open from 11am till 3pm, limited space available

sleigh in snow SH.jpg

Mother Nature has been generous will plenty of cold fluffy snow and our amazing grooming crew worked hard to make our trails available. But Space & Time is limited and Not all tours are available.

1 hour Tour - $50 pp $20 per child

30 minute Tour - $25 pp $10 per child

Stateline location will have a soft opening with very limited rides available. Inquirer on-site across from MontBleu for more information. No guarantees.

Sleigh Ride Locations Closed, 2/18

Good Morning Sleigh Ride Enthusiast!

The storms have finally pass and we have feet of lovely white, fluffy, cold snow! Thank you Mother Nature!! Now begins the work of cleaning up working areas, grooming trails and allowing CalTrans & NV-DOT time to get the roads safe for Trucks & Trailers.

As of now, large trucks with trailers carrying ‘Very Large 2,000 pound Draft Horses’ are ‘PROHIBITED’ on the roads that we must used to get to either of our sleigh ride locations -

Sand Harbor State Park & South Lake Tahoe, Stateline.

This makes it impossible to open sleigh rides today, Monday February 18

( BTW - Happy President’s Day).


We are going to be shoveling, grooming & plan to open up tomorrow, hopefully both locations, just in time for another little ‘Winter Blast’ Wednesday & Thrusday….

more on that later!

I know many are as disappointed as we are… Cabin Fever is raging on the Ol‘ Ranch! We even had to buy new toys for the horses to play with…

Until we can meet up and do a little Dashing Through the Snow and sing Jingle Bells

Stay Safe, Stay Warm and Enjoy

Sleigh & Carriage Rides Closed due to Winter Storms

Another wave of Winter Storms are heading for the

Lake Tahoe area with forecasts of

Strong Winds, Snow & Rain.

We are closed starting February 12, 2019

Unfortunately, the uncertainty on the storm’s path and It’s duration makes it impossible to post an opening date. More Soon!

Until then, Stay Safe, Stay Warm & Enjoy!