Closed Wednesday 12/20/17

The high winds, cold temperatures and icy road have forced us to closed today Wednesday 12/20/17 at all locations.

Plans are to open sleigh rides on wheel at Sand Harbor State Park.  The location is lovey and there is snow around the trails, but we will continue to operated there through the Holidays on wheels until Mother Nature bring us more of the white fluffy stuff.  


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November 2017

As the Fall Weather bring wind, rain & snow to the Sierra Mountains, our carriage rides are limited to weekends, Friday, Saturdays & Sunday weather permitting.  We will be open from 11am until last rides apx 4:30 pm.  I suggest giving us a call if you have any questions.

Thanks and Enjoy the Day!

Tuesday Aug 1, 2017

Due to above average temperatures and humidity and the smokey air quality in the Tahoe area we well be closed Tuesday Aug 1- Thursday Aug 3. We love our horses and employees as well as all visitors to Tahoe. We are always considering the safety and health of all 4 legged and 2 legged friends. Please be safe on your visit to Tahoe and stay cool.

-The Borges Family


5/4/17 Updates.

What a busy last few weeks we have had.  We had the vet come to do the yearly check up for all of the horses. Each of the got their yearly shots, teeth done and health check ups. Every one of them got wonderful reviews, all are very healthy.

Last Tuesday we were able to take a beautiful trail ride in the Carson Valley. People always ask us if we ride the drafts. Yes, we do.

Our summer working horses all got new shoes on and are ready for work. Carriages are open Friday through Monday from 12pm-7pm (weather permitting).

Yesterday was the Carson Valley job fair, if you were unable to attend we are still accepting applications for part time summer drivers. If you are interested please fill out our application on our website under the employment tab. 

Today is the day that the crew makes the final decision on the stallion that we will be breeding Angel with.

We will be doing a wedding fam. this weekend in both South Lake Tahoe from The Lake Tahoe Resort to Edgewood at 10am and in the Carson Valley area at the Jacob's Berry Farm. If there is any brides that are getting married and what some ideas, this is a great event.

Here are some photos of our trail ride with the crew, Dwight on Jake (draft horse), Rebekah on Abe (draft horse), Veronica on Beretta and Barbara on Hat.


Tuesday March 14, 2017

Throughout the months of March-May the sleigh and carriages will be closed Tues-Thurs in both locations. However, today is an exciting time on the ranch. The horses will be experiencing the first days of spring. The horse vacation begins today.


Monday March 13, 2017

With the warmer weather we are experiencing in Lake Tahoe sleigh rides in South Lake Tahoe will not be running until further notice. However, we will be offering carriage rides in front of the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel from 12pm to 6pm Friday though Monday (weather permitting). We are still offering sleigh rides on wheels at Sand Harbor State Park Friday through Monday (weather permitting). You can make a reservation request for Sand Harbor on the web site with the reservation link. Walk ups are welcome at South Lake Tahoe.

Saturday March 11, 2017

Due to warmer weather, South Lake Tahoe will not be able to opening the sleigh rides. However, we will open our carriage rides today in front of The Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel. We will try to stay open until 5:30pm. Sand Harbor is still operating sleighs but is on a limited schedule and will be closed today by 1pm.

Saturday 3/4/17

Due to high wind advisories, warmer temperatures and rain/snow predicted for today, both locations: South Lake Tahoe and Sand Harbor State Park, will be closed for the day. We are waiting to see how this storm comes through before we know whether we will open tomorrow or not. New blogs will be posted as soon as anything changes.