Sleigh Ride Locations Closed, 2/18

Good Morning Sleigh Ride Enthusiast!

The storms have finally pass and we have feet of lovely white, fluffy, cold snow! Thank you Mother Nature!! Now begins the work of cleaning up working areas, grooming trails and allowing CalTrans & NV-DOT time to get the roads safe for Trucks & Trailers.

As of now, large trucks with trailers carrying ‘Very Large 2,000 pound Draft Horses’ are ‘PROHIBITED’ on the roads that we must used to get to either of our sleigh ride locations -

Sand Harbor State Park & South Lake Tahoe, Stateline.

This makes it impossible to open sleigh rides today, Monday February 18

( BTW - Happy President’s Day).


We are going to be shoveling, grooming & plan to open up tomorrow, hopefully both locations, just in time for another little ‘Winter Blast’ Wednesday & Thrusday….

more on that later!

I know many are as disappointed as we are… Cabin Fever is raging on the Ol‘ Ranch! We even had to buy new toys for the horses to play with…

Until we can meet up and do a little Dashing Through the Snow and sing Jingle Bells

Stay Safe, Stay Warm and Enjoy