To the Friends of Borges Sleigh and Carriage Rides

Any profession, industry and business has a myth. These myths are assumptions and generalizations, often made due to misconceptions or an incident that occurred once and went viral on social media.  Some such myths in the Equine Industry are:

1. Myth - Carriage/Working horses are abused and mistreated.  This misconception is based on the idea that equine owners use horses purely for monetary value.  In truth, most equine owner love, admire as well as take great pride and pleasure in the accomplishments of their horses.  We wish to share our horses with the general public and educate visitors in the abilities of these amazing creatures. Many have never seen or touched a horse before.  Although, we do enjoy a lifestyle dear to us, carriage businesses are expensive to operate.

All industries have regulations aimed to protect the general public and the labor force - both humans and animals.   The carriage industry is the same. Some may abuse the system, however this never goes unnoticed for long. State and city regulations and ordinances are part of the licensing and liability requirements to operate a legitimate carriage company which include: veterinary examinations, health checks, special designed hoof care and sanitation living and working requirements.  Borges’ maintain memberships with organizations such as Carriage Operator of North America (CONA) and Carriage Association of America (CAA) that offer guidance for upkeep, housing, care and training. 

2.  Myth - Horses should be free to roam and not work.  

The draft horses the Borges’ use to operate sleigh and carriage rides are domesticated for hundreds of years.  They would not survive in the wild. Appropriate exercise is as vital for their health, just like good food, rest and clean water.  A wild horse have the life expecting of 5 to 9 years. Our horses live 30 plus years, form close bonds with their owner, keepers and enjoy the attention of the general public.  Working keeps them engaged, curious and happy. We have horses that have lived 30+ years like Chance is turning 39 years this year. A testament to the care.

3.  Myth - No one wants the horse drawn sleigh and carriage ride at Lake Tahoe.  

Borges Sleigh and Carriage Rides are a fun activity.  We have thousands of satisfied customers annually. Many share memorable stories regarding the great joy our rides have offered the community and visitors. 

4. Myth - Carriage businesses are not regulated and should be banned.  

South Lake Tahoe has carriage ordinances that are enforced.  The Borges Sleigh and Carriage Rides are in good standing with all affiliates.  Many of the community leaders have offered their support of the carriage rides in South Lake Tahoe.