Closures on December 24th, 2018

Unfortunately, The Borges Sleigh & Carriages rides are closed today, 12/24, due to inclement weather.'

It saddens us tremendously, that we could not be open today and add to everyone’s holiday cheer. We regret any time that we have to close unexpectedly because of road, weather or snow conditions. Our main concern is to never put our employees, horses are clients at risk. It is a decision that we make each and every time we operate with the utmost care & expertise. We know having to call last minute to cancel schedule rides is inconvenient. We understand that it is disappointing to family members and especially the children who were expecting us to offer a memorable experience. And we wish with all our hearts & might that we can be everything to everyone at all times, but alas, many times what we want is impossible.

For all the inconvenience we caused, we regret this as well.

You might wonder why I am expressing regret on the Eve of the Happiest Day of the Year? It’s because we are always hurt by the bad reviews that are unfortunately a part of our Christmas Holidays. People who are upset with us, not because our product is bad or they hated our operations, but it’s usually because they couldn’t get a ride or get what they wanted. Some requests are impossible. So they make posts what are unkind words and for us to respond in like, well, won’t help. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people each year will experience a wonderful time on our rides and to you — Thank You!

To the others, we say: “We were human, we are trying our best and our deepest apologies!”

We wish all the Merriest of the Holiday Season! We do hope to be open Christmas Day into the New Year!

More tomorrow…

Think Snow!

The Borges Family & Crew