Good Morning and Happy New Year!

From all of all of You!

From all of all of You!

Sleigh Ride Enthusiast are excited with the changes the weather pattern is forcated in the coming weeks.  Of corse, Mother Nature is slow is changing things up so the East Coast can get a breather from the Snow & Cold Temperatures and the West Coast can get their share of the Magic of Winter!

But until the raining pattern turns into snow at Lake Tahoe level (6,200 ft) we are on a Weather Hold.  This means we are not taking reservations until Sunday January 6th.  Dates after 1/6/18 are open as usual. 

As of Sunday, 1/6/18, Sand Harbor State Park will be open and accepting 1 hours reservation from 12pm until last ride at 3pm. 

South Lake Tahoe Carriage Rides have been open accepting riders on a First/Come - First/Served basis 11am - 3pm (last rides) on the Corner of Stateline Ave & Lake Tahoe Blvd. in front of the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel.

As soon as the White Fluffy Stuff arrives and Dashin' thru the Snow is available.  I will post it here!

Til then,