Wintery Weather has returned to the Sierra Mountain

Road Closures, Flooding, Blizzard Conditions with Snows & Ice, High Winds and a lot of Rain has been common words describing the weather since the beginning of the New Year 2017!  

I would like to say this has been a tough few weeks to operate our sleigh ride locations at Sand Harbor State Park & in the Stateline Area with any consistency.  We have a criteria, questions we ask ourselves each day to determine if we should open: #1 can we get there safely and return our crew home and horses to the barn?  #2 can we operate our sleigh rides safely for ourselves, our guests & our horses? and lastly, #3 A truth for us is ' If We open...They will come'!  So, will this day offer a pleasurable sleigh ride or will our guest leave feeling like the 'Donner Party' barely surviving? 

The Borges Family have been operating in the Lake Tahoe area for some 50 years this 2017.  Our main objective is to provide a safe & fun sleigh ride activity where you, as our guest, can enjoy our home: Lake Tahoe and the views it offers and our amazing Belgian Draft Horses.  

So with all this explanation- We are closed at both our South Lake Tahoe locations in the Stateline Area.  We are unsure when that location will open.

We have high hope that we will be open Friday, January 13 but frigid temperatures over so much rain and snow, coupled with road closure have us concerned.  We suggest checking back to our NewsBlog on the 13th for more information.  You can always call 775-588-2953 for updated information, just remember we are a small family business not a corporation with a phone switchboard.

From all our us at the Borges Family to You & Yours,

Stay safe, Stay Warm & Strive to be Happy!